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Hamill Farms #Plant21 Update

Hamill Farms #Plant21 Update

As Hamill farms prepares to harvest in a few days, we're looking back on #Plant21.

Remember May 14 when all of our fields had just been planted and John was camped out in the fields watching for the sprouts to come up?
Our fields look a bit different now! After 3 months of sprouting and growing, our fields of AAC Connect, Lowe, and CDC Churchill have ripened and changed from a lush green into a beautiful golden.

The weather continued to be hot and dry, however there was a good dew most nights that helped balance the weather. As terrible as the forest fires are the one benefit from them has been that the smoke helped to reduce the temperature during the day.

Despite the dry conditions, our crops continued to do surprisingly well. We are very lucky to be in this area of Central Alberta that has seen 5.5 to 6 inches of rain this year. Most of the prairies are much dryer, and yields will be much lower with supply concerns for the malting industry, the food industry, as well as the livestock feed industry.

Our barley looks good in the fields, and we're hopeful that after harvesting it, our malting trials and specs will show the same quality. We are going to harvest the peas for the next 3 days, and then the barley harvest will begin. Wheat and Canola are still a couple of weeks away.

For Red Shed Malting, our success is a direct result of the hard work and dedication that Hamill Farms puts into growing our wheat, barley, and oats. (Thanks, John and Joe!)
Does that mean most of our photos of John are when he's looking at barley? Yes!

Our partnership with Hamill Farms means all of the crops are from one farm, and we can work closely with them to determine the specs of our incoming grains, and it ensures that we're using the best quality grains from each crop to make our malt.

Anticipating future needs, Red Shed Malting also holds enough raw grain on site to supply the malthouse for 2 years, in case our farm has an unpredictable off year. If you've been to the Shed, you'll likely have seen the giant silver grain bins that line our driveway full of our reserve grain.
We're looking at a great crop for 2021, and we're excited to test it and verify it meets our malthouse standards to make great malts!
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