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Joe Hamill - Malting Operations

About Joe

Joe has been farming since he could sit on his dad’s lap in the tractor.  He has obtained a diploma in Architectural Technology from NAIT, a Degree in Urban Studies from the University of Calgary and attended the Malt Academy in Winnipeg with his brother Matt in 2015. In 2021 he received his certificate in malting from Institute of Brewing and Distilling. Red Shed Malting is the link between two of Joe’s passions; farming and beer. He’s one of a small handful of people who have drank a beer that they were involved in the growing of the barley, processing of the malt, and brewing of the beer. Joe is the backbone of malting operations doing everything from malting, roasting, testing, cleaning, bagging and product development. Joe’s attention to detail has helped him learn the intricacies of malting barley. He has learned what to look for when malting barley from various varieties and harvest years. His creativeness continues to help Red Shed release new products, making more beer styles possible from only Canadian ingredients!

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