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Jim Button: In Loving Memory

Jim Button: In Loving Memory

"It is with full hearts that we commemorate our friend Jim Button, co-founder of Village Brewery, after a long and hard-fought battle with cancer.

Jim co-founded Village Brewery in 2011 with the sole purpose of building community – pouring his passion into every pint. His tireless efforts to change legislation may have opened doors for the industry, but his boundless generosity to share ideas, encourage talent, and welcome everyone to the club established an open and inclusive brewery community, and we believe it was his spirit that made it successful.

Jim will be remembered as someone who built community. He set the tone and the standard, and for that we will be forever grateful. He was, and will continue to be, our north star."

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For our team at Red Shed, Jim Button took the high road, made room for passengers, and brought the beer. Jim consistently put others ahead of himself. His family, his city, his employees, his industry. He was unselfish with his time, his platform and his love. 

In his own words, he “collected people.” These people became community. A community with shared values and an example to follow. The members of his community that we saw the most were his team at Village. His influence and leadership is evident. His team and the brewery continue to reflect his values. 


His legacy will live on through all the lives he has touched.


Thank you Jim for all you did for us at Red Shed

In Jim's Own Words
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