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Malt of the Month July 2022: Rocky Mountain Malt

Malt of the Month July 2022: Rocky Mountain Malt

Rocky Mountain Malt
Vienna-Style Malt

We've twisted the classic Vienna-stlye malt to show off our 100% Alberta barley, and renamed it to highlight the largest mountain system in North America - meet our Rocky Mountain malt!

Rocky Mountain malt is heated at a slightly higher temperature than our base malt is, providing the malt with the same enzymatic package, but adding in additional flavours and a slightly deeper colour. 

Flavours: Sweet, grainy aroma, fresh bread crumb, light nutty notes, honey oat cereal

For Spirits
Form Whisky to the spirits you've only dreamed of making, Rocky Mountain malt can add a subtle malt sweetness, light cracker, and biscuit notes. 

For Beer
For increased flavour and aroma, Rocky Mountain is lovely in lots of styles! Make your brews stand out - we love it in IPA, Pale Ales, Vienna Lager, Festbier, Maibocks, and more!
Want the specs, pricing or more information? Reach out to info(@) to chat :)
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