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Malt of the Month August 2021: Whisky Jack and Parkland Pale

Malt of the Month August 2021: Whisky Jack and Parkland Pale

We're so excited to reintroduce you to our base malts;
Connect is now Whisky Jack malt, and Lowe is now Parkland Pale Malt. 

The barley varieties we grow at Hamill Farms have been developed specifically for craft malting, brewing and distilling. We trust the experts, and keep a close eye on the new varieties to ensure we have the best seeds, for the best malt, for the best beers, whisky and spirits!

When testing each variety of barley, traits like disease resistance, yield, agronomic adaption, and environmental adaptability are some the ways we measure varieties against each other to ensure we're growing the best and most innovative barley possible.

Traceability is a big deal to us. Just like each bag of our malt is traceable to the field we grow it in, our barley varieties are traceable back to the breeding program that designed them.

  • Lowe was developed at the Field Crop Development Centre in Lacombe, Alberta. 
  • AAC Connect was developed at the Brandon Research Centre of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Brandon, Manitoba.  
Want to know more? Check out this great study from WSU Department of Crop and Soil Sciences:

Beer Drinkers can Taste Barley Varieties

Whisky Jack Malt

Barley Variety: AAC Connect

With high DP and high Alpha Amylase, Whisky Jack is designed for use in both distilling and brewing, especially any brewers using adjuncts. Distillers: this is a great malt to play with in your kettles!

This malt is packed with enzymes that are ready to convert the extract effectively, efficiently, and with panache. 

Parkland Pale Malt

Barley Variety: Lowe

As a highly modified malt, Parkland Pale is built to make your lauter run smoothly, and keep your mash conversion high. All grain brewers rejoice! Low DP, low FAN, low protein, and low beta-glucan. 

Why so low? Read the Brewers Association report on Ideal Malt Barley Characteristics

Frequently Asked Questions

- Can I brew with Distillers Malt/can I distill with a Pale Malt? 
Yes! Let your creativity go wild.

- Do you blend barley varieties together for your base malts?
Nope! Each Red Shed base malt is 100% single barley variety. (Like single origin coffee uses different geographic region to show off unique flavours and tastes, each barley variety has different characteristics that we feel support your grain bill best.)

- Can I still snack on these malts?
Absolutely! You might spoil your dinner though...

- So the only thing that changed is your base malts have new names?
Yup :)

- Does the variety of barley really matter?
Yes! Hamill Farms and Red Shed spend long hours researching all of the new malt barley varieties to ensure we're growing and malting the best specs. The most delicious flavour attributes in your malt start with the best seeds. 
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