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Down in the Dirt: The Soil of Red Shed

Down in the Dirt: The Soil of Red Shed

One of the responsibilities of being a maltster is giving western Canadian barley farmers a voice, and helping brewers and distillers understand and celebrate the hard work that goes on at the farm to create incredible grains.
Farmers have nothing to hide when growing the grains that will become malt, and then beer or spirits. 
Hamill Farms is located in a narrow band of black soil that has lots of organic matter and nutrients to feed our crops. The soil also resists compaction from the heavy farm equipment, and retains moisture so plant growth is encouraged.

Organic Matter in the soil is like our report card and we’re happy to report that progress is being made in the right direction. 

Healthy crop rotations (like ones that include malt barley) help reduce disease pressure and the number of passes farmers have to make over the field each year, which helps build soil organic matter and ensure that farmers can feed the world, pass healthy land on to the next generation, and make a positive contribution to carbon sequestration goals.
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