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Parkland Pale

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With the craft beer revolution, consumers have demanded more from breweries. Isn’t it about time that brewers demand more from their malt? Parkland Pale malt was created with the all-grain brewer in mind. By not focusing on the high enzymes required by adjunct brewing other characteristics can be fine-tuned for the all-grain brewer. Number one on that list is flavour, this malt is delicious. Next is making sure that flavour lasts until your customer cracks the can: lower free amino nitrogen (FAN) means better flavour stability in the packaged products. Lower DP means more consistent brewing performance so the consumer gets a great beer every time.

Flavour: Clean, light grassiness, light sweetness

Suitable for all styles

Colour: Straw (1.7-2.7srm)
Protein: <9.5
Fine Extract: 83
Beta Glucan: <200
Alpha Amylase: 46
DP: 120

Pale Malt

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