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2021 Barley Crop Update

2021 Barley Crop Update

Beer and whisky are going to look a bit different this year. 

2021 was a tough year for many farming regions with a severe drought causing lower yields and reducing the available amount of grains to be malted, on top of a major supply chain delays causing waylaid shipments of imported malt. For the barley that is available, the quality is lower, and has the potential for high variability in quality.

The quality of the barley is evident right from the barley field, with many crops growing shorter stalks, having thin kernels instead of plump ones, and the specs showing Protein rising to 15% (ideally malt barley would be under 12.5% - Red Shed grains have 11%.)
 All three varieties of our barley - AAC Connect, Lowe, and CDC Churchill had excellent specs coming off the field and into the malthouse. As we farm 100% of our own grains, we're able to stay prepared for future years, storing 2 extra years of grains on site to make sure we'll always have enough stock for brewers and distillers looking for top quality.
Our supply chain is traceable back to the seeds in each field.

Each grain starts in the 15 fields (2100 acres) of Hamill Farms, and at the end of the growing season the matured crops are moved to our Red Shed Malting silos to be cleaned and stored until we're ready to malt them.

Our entire supply chain exists within a 20km region in Central Alberta, and that helps us to operate with no shipping delays, and helps to keep our manufacturing footprint as small as possible.  
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