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Farm Update for #Plant23

Farm Update for #Plant23

Spring 2023
By John Hamill

Spring is an exciting time of the year with all the hopes and dreams that come with putting in another crop. Around the farm we are finalizing our crop input plans. Certified seed has been purchased and seeding rates calculated. Fertilizer will be delivered in the next couple of weeks.  The last of the wheat and canola has been shipped out. We will be servicing equipment the first couple of weeks in April and hoping for some warm weather to melt the rest of the snow and warm up the soil.

Spring time is also farm equipment auction time. Equipment auctions have become
an online timed event in the last few years. Used to be we would jump in the truck and drive to the farm that was having an auction sale. These were great social events. We would meet our neighbors there and talk about equipment, crop plans, crop prices and of course the weather. The smell of grilled hamburgers and hotdogs would drift over the site encouraging us to get in line to grab one of those burgers before the big equipment started to sell. Many things have changed over the years on the farm, but I sure hope we’ll see the return of the live farm equipment auction some day soon.

Follow along as we prepare for #Plant23 in our fields!

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