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Malt of the Month April 2023: Kananaskis

Malt of the Month April 2023: Kananaskis

You may have noticed there's a mountain range naming theme for our high-kilned malts, Kananaskis was a natural choice for this “European Munich style" malt. Growing up, Kananaskis Country provided the ideal setting for many of our family camping trips.

Kananaskis malt is kilned to a profile that makes it suitable as a replacement to Munich malts in many recipes, it adds layers of complexity to many beer styles. Having just enough enzymes to utilize as a base malt makes our latest addition to the lineup ultra versatile.


Elevated kiln curing temperature elevates the malty characteristics of our Kananaskis: barley sweetness and fresh baked bread! We've tweaked the process on this malt to add some sweetness and even some fruit notes. This is a great replacement for European Munich malts. Use a little or use a lot! It can be used as a portion of the malt bill to add character and depth or it has enough enzymatic activity to use as 100% of the malt bill.

Flavour: Barley sweetness,  cherry and raspberry fruitiness, fresh baked bread

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