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Farmhouse Fest 2022

Farmhouse Fest 2022

Farmhouse Fest - Vancouver, BC

Morgan got to attend Farmhouse Fest in Vancouver this year! The weather was beautiful, and she was so happy to be there giving out high fives, big hugs, and pouring some world class beers with our friends Mike Maxwell and Jake Clarke at Nectar Imports. 

Blindman Brewing and Annex Ale Project brought some of our favourites beers, and it was wonderful to share them with the other side of the Rockies!

Profane Communion
Foeder Aged Black Saison
Annex Ale Project

Made with Red Shed Biscuit malt, Profane Communion is aged for 6 months in a foeder, and bottle conditioned for 2 more months. This beer features notes of fortified wine, port, pinot noir, oak, black cherry and black raspberry. 


24-2 with Brett
Barrel Aged Stock Ale
Blindman Brewing

This beer starts with the 24-2 Draft Horses who grow and harvest barley entirely by horse-powered equipment, and malted at Red Shed. Blindman then turns it into their award winning 24-2 Stock Ale, puts it in barrels, pitches a blend of Brett strains in, and then they wait.

Strawberry Saison
Farmhouse Saison
Blindman Brewing

Using some of the original Saison from our beloved foeders and over 250 kg of strawberries, we decided to give Dwarf Sour Cherry a delicious sister. Ask our brew crew how much fun prepping 250kg of fruit is...

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