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Malt of the Month August 2022: Amber Malt

Malt of the Month August 2022: Amber Malt

Amber Malt

50 SRM / 37.47 Lº

Our freshly roasted Amber Malt is a versatile malt that adds depth and colour. It can also be used to increase complexity and add a nutty flavour to malt-forward creations - a perfect addition for the autumn beverages coming our way! 

Flavours: Peanut butter, pistachio, almond, toasty, wood

For Spirits
Adding a gentle nuttiness and touch of colour, there's no limit on potential uses for Amber malt. Try it in fruit brandy, liquers (herbal, vegetable, spice,) Schnapps, Whisky, or anything else you can imagine.

For Beer
Amber makes a great substitution for caramel malts when you are after less sweetness in your beer. Try it in Belgian IPAs, Belgian Pale Ales, Belgian Blonde, Trappist Single/Dubbel/Tripel/Quad, ESB, Bière de Garde, Golden Strong, Dark Strong, Barley Wine, Flanders Red, Oud Bruin.
Want the specs, pricing or more information? Reach out to info(@) to chat :)
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