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Hamill Farms #Plant21 Update

Hamill Farms #Plant21 Update

The weather this year was exceedingly cooperative, and allowed us to start in the fields a bit earlier. 

Seeding conditions were ideal with no wet spots to go around but lots of moisture for good germination of the crop.  There was also a timely rain just before we seeded the canola which brought the moisture closer to the surface allowing us to seed the canola shallow into a firm moist seedbed.  

On the malt barley side of things we are growing  the new variety CDC Churchill, as well as more of our superstars AC Connect and Lowe. We are also trying a new variety of CPS Wheat called CS Accelerate.  All the crops germinated well and are looking good!
Our peas, barley, wheat, and oats are all sprouting quickly, relishing in the warm days we're starting to get more regularly. Our last fields seeded were canola to make sure no frost can touch them, and they're just starting poking their heads out of the ground now. 

Bentley, 2 years old, did full inspections of all equipment this season, and really wants to start driving the big trucks (but maybe we'll wait a few years!) For now, he remains our Technician - In Training.

All five crops were planted as of May 14, and some well timed rain right after we seeded was perfect to kick off growing season! 
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