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Hamill Farms #Plant22 Update

Hamill Farms #Plant22 Update

As we head into July, our #Plant22 update is all about what the summer weather.

Being dryland farmers with no irrigation, Hamill Farms is completely dependent on natural weather patterns
to support our crops. 

Read on for what the weather has been contributing to the barely, wheat, oats, canola, and peas we grow. 
Photo by: Karl Lee Photo
From the desk* of John Hamill

July 4, 2022

Weather has got to be the big story of June. Rain. Lots of rain.
The first half of June started out pretty average with the occasional shower and plenty of good days.

This allowed us to get a good start on spraying the crops with post emergent herbicides to control weeds. Weed pressure was not that bad this year. Probably due to the dry May and dry first half of June. Most of our weed spraying was completed before the heavy rains set in. We just had a field of barley and a couple of fields of canola that needed to be sprayed. We managed to get these sprayed as well as a couple of fields of canola that needed a second pass.

The second half of June seen some big rain storms come through. By the end of June we went from having received 1.4 inches of moisture since April 1 to a total of 8.5 inches of rain by the end of June. Fields are very wet now and are getting an additional quarter inch to 1 inch of moisture every 2-3 days. They just keep getting wetter. 

We are seeing disease pressure move up the leaves on the cereal crops. We would like to spray all of the cereals with a fungicide, but the fields are just so wet it makes it difficult to get the sprayer into them. I have heard multiple stories of high clearance sprayers getting stuck in the fields. The last story I heard required a backhoe to extract the sprayer after 2, 4-wheel tractors failed.

* 'desk' is loosely being used to represent a surface John perched at for a short time to write this; he's a very busy farmer with equipment to clean
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