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What We're Drinking July 2022

What We're Drinking July 2022

Forward Progress 
Pale Ale 
Annex Ale Project

An aroma-forward Pale Ale, hopped with Citra and Mosaic varietals. Full of flavour, Forward progress is made with our Malted Oats for a deliciously smooth and creamy beer!

Cascadian Dark Ale 
Cascadian Dark Ale 
Blindman Brewing

A very tasty balancing act between bold hops and strong malt notes. This beer offers up a tasty balance of roasty and pine flavours, dive in and enjoy a beautiful feature of our chocolate and Rocky Mountain malts! 

CRFT Blonde
Village Brewery

A crispy, dry and balanced with a slight fresh-baked biscuit finish reminiscent of Honeycomb and bread. Lightly hopped and malt-forward, this Blonde ale is refreshingly well-balanced. Made using our Biscuit malt, it's a deliciously refreshing choice!
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