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Malt of the Month March 2022: Raw Grains

Malt of the Month March 2022: Raw Grains

Raw Grains

These grains are our homegrown crops - and you can bet they're the base for everything we malt! Adding mouthfeel, head retention, or allowing for brewers and distillers to pull delicate farm fresh aromas and flavours - raw additions have lots of room to play!

Great for both brewing and distilling, these raw grains appear in some really cool projects like the award-winning 
St.Paddy's 3X Pot Distilled Grain Spirit from Bridgeland Distillery,
to Blind Enthusiasm's turbid-mashed barrel-fermented bottle series.


Looking for increased head stability, but your style doesn’t need more body or sweetness?

From traditional Belgian styles to modern hazy beers, raw wheat is a great option for beer to add flavour, haze, and improve head retention!


The same 2-row barley we use to make our barley malts. This comes cleaned, bagged, and with the information on the farmer & field.

Helps put the farm at the forefront of the product by increasing the grainy flavour of spirits.


Raw oats are a really cool ingredient brewing and distilling, adding a neutral flavour but contributing silky mouthfeel, and haze.
For distilling, oats are making a comeback in the still. They're a versatile grain that can make for soft, fruity notes in a whisky, or add them to a bourbon grist to add a spicy oatmeal cookie aroma and flavour.
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