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Malt of the Month September 2021: Rocky Mountain Malt

Malt of the Month September 2021: Rocky Mountain Malt

If you're a fan of Vienna malt, you're going to love the all Canadian version - Rocky Mountain high dried malt! 

Vienna-style malts are kilned at a higher temperature than our base malt, adding in some nutty and fresh bread crust notes. 
Supporting both lagers and ales, this versatile malt adds complexity and flavour to a grain bill, while maintaining enzyme and extract levels of base malt. 

Rocky Mountain Malt (6srm)

Barley Variety: AAC Connect

Rocky Mountain malt is kilned at a higher temperature then our other base malts, which gives a deeper malt aroma and more defined flavour. Despite the higher kiln temperatures, it still maintains enough enzymatic power to work on its own.
It’s a great compliment to our base malts and a nice substitute for a Vienna malt. 

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