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Outstanding in their Field: Blindman Brewing

Outstanding in their Field: Blindman Brewing

We think that Blindman Brewing from Lacombe, Alberta is Outstanding in their Field for their innovation, community focus, and creativity in the brewing industry, and we're incredibly proud of everything they've accomplished in the past 6 years. Our malt is in many of their flagship and seasonal brews, and to us the biggest compliment Blindman has ever paid us is continuing to use our malt whenever they can. For our team, this means our malt is reliable, quality malt that the brew team at Blindman trusts, and that really validates the hard work and effort we've put in extends from the best seed, to the best malt, to the best beer in your glass. Next time you open a beer from Blindman, think about the malt profile while you sip away!

In chatting with Shane Groendahl, Co-Founder and Production coordinator, we were inspired by the dedication Blindman Brewing shows towards supporting the places they live, and the people that live there. 

What led you to use Red Shed Malts? 
We (Blindman) started up roughly the same time as Red Shed.  We have known them from the beginning, as it were, and solidified the relationship early on.  At the time, we were looking for ingredients that were both local and of a high quality.  It was hard to get more local than the barley grown just 30 minutes from the brewery, and just as we have grown as a brewery and learned how to tweak and modify our recipes, I think that Joe and Matt have done the same at Red Shed.  We were all young entrepreneurs and excited about what each other was doing/building.    

Why does using Craft Malt matter? 
Using craft malt (outside of the quality argument) measures back to one of our core principles - aiming to support our communities and the people that live in them.  Looking at it in the other direction, we support the places that buy our beer by being patrons and suggesting our favourite retail stores.  It also makes sense for us to support and help grow our industry in the other direction as well - back to the raw materials.  

What We're Drinking from Blindman Brewing:

24-2 Stock Ale 
Exemplifying traceability and promoting the western heritage of our region in Alberta, this English ale is brewed with malt planted and harvested just outside of Lacombe, using only horse-drawn equipment for the field work from 24-2 Draft Horses. After being harvested, it's cleaned at Clive Seed Cleaning Co-op and then malted at Red Shed, where Joe only lets it listen to Corb Lund to help boost it's Alberta terroir.

Look: ruby, copper with hint of amber, thin white head.

Smell: nutty, pumpernickel bread, slightly roasted.

Taste: rich, complex but delicate malt flavour, slightly earthy hop character.

Mouthfeel: full body, silky middle to dry finish.

Fun Fact: you can make 24 origami horses out of a single recycled Red Shed Malt bag! (Ask Morgan how long it takes to fold them all...)
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