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Malt of the Month September 2022: Chocolate Malt

Malt of the Month September 2022: Chocolate Malt

Chocolate Malt

250-350 SRM 

Our chocolate malt is the Canadian solution for your brown ales, porters and stouts. Our roasting process adds notes of chocolate and coffee to the malt that comes through nicely when brewed. 

Flavours: Coffee, espresso, cacao, dark chocolate

For Spirits
For adding flavours derived from cereal grains, our roasted malts are a great option!  For spirits, it can be used to add complimentary flavours and aromatics to your distillation. Try it in whisky, bourbon, or anything else you can imagine! 

For Beer
For everything from colour to flavour increases, Chocolate malt can do it all! In your malt bill, it can help balance sweet caramel notes and support dark coffee roasted flavours. Chocolate malt is delicious in any beer style to add colour, or for a flavour boost try it in brown ales, bocks, porters, stouts, dark ales - and more!
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